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What to expect on armada

It all starts with that welcome drink your skipper hands you. From that moment on, let the experience take over. The days are yours, the nights are yours.

We provide a unique summer experience; an island hopping adventure for you to jump in and out of as and where you want. Every day there will be an après sea party and starlit event, throw into the mix some floating stages, beachside takeovers and epic local feasts...

...and we’re pretty sure you've got your perfect week. This is your ultimate summer holiday - we invite you to dive straight in....

our greek treasure map
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Modern marina with all the amenities you’d expect
45 minute bus ride from Athens airport, with buses running every 20 minutes throughout the day. Great bars and restaurants along the coast a short walk from the marina. Great sightseeing in the city, most notably the acropolis
Sunset paradise…
Natural Bay
On your first night away from the city we take you to a secluded natural bay, where you can swim from your yacht, eat aboard your yacht and party as the sun goes down.
Breathtaking views…
Bars and restaurants line the shore in this picturesque town, sat atop a peninsula with stunning views from the top of the hill. Millennium bar keep the music pumping late into the night, so grab a traditional Greek feast at a local taverna before joining us for a dance.
The Jewel of the Peloponnese
Porto Cheli
A large bay with a picturesque church on the headland as you approach, Porto Heli has a modern marina with amazing showers and a busy stretch of bars and restaurants to explore. As the sun sets, head to Enzo bar and let your hair down, as the DJ plays until late.
raft parties and starlit night skies
An incredible natural bay on this uninhibited island where only mountain goats roam ashore. We raft the yachts and start the party early, with raft party games and floatie fun all afternoon. In the evening, enjoy sundowners on board and cook up a feast to share with crew mates as the sun sets and a million stars begin to appear in the sky above.
Save the best for last…
We leave the best till last on the Athens Route, witha visit to the picturesque island of Poros. Numerous cocktail bars, restaurants and shops line the promenade, and Mallibu nightclub is our venue for a final night party to remember. The theme will be set, so dress appropriately and get ready to toast your new ship mates one last time in style!
homebound with friends old & new
the after party
Sleep in and rest your (sore but happy) heads, whilst we return to base on Friday afternoon check-out the yachts and then depart. Head back home with the knowledge you have made friends for life. The airport is only a 15-minute taxi ride away or get a bus to base and continue your travels.
making your week plain sailing
your master skipper

Your very own master of the waves. There to look after you all week, take you and your boat from island to island, play those armada soundtracks at sea, seek out shimmering coves and natural bays en route and of course, keep you safe. Enjoy their company and they will be sure to enjoy yours!

your host for the week

As well as your own private skipper, our armada hosts are there to run your week's parties and special experiences. They will always let you know what's going on and point you in the right direction if you fancy an exploration on your own. Expect to see them every afternoon & evening as they welcome you from island to island and harbour to harbour.

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the packing list

Swimmies and sunnies are your basics, but we’ve got a handy list of things you might want to bring to fully enjoy the summer festival experience.

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the lingo

Check out our lowdown on all terms sea you need to know for your armada week Think pirates after a few beers.

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